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Baby E’s Goods is a shop owned and operated by a lovely lady named Evalena Borek, based in Alberta, Canada. You may recall a photo I took and featured on my blog last year, Springtime in the Valley , where I photographed a car seat/nursing cover that she sent me! Eva’s products are known for being bright, colourful, and well-made. She does many custom orders, and her business has expanded from making and selling multi-purpose covers, to include sewing and selling hats, tops, grow-with-me pants, headbands, sweaters, and infant nightgowns, all within the last year! To say that this lady is a creative genius is an understatement!

When I went to Alberta recently, I took the opportunity to photograph her in her own element. Eva works from home, so she has a lovely sewing room set up, including a large mirror so that she is able to keep an eye on her toddler, Elliott, while she works. Elliott plays in the other half of the room, while Eva sews, keeps up her books, cuts and organizes fabric, and works on her social media pages.

Eva is an inspired, gorgeous, and crafty mom-preneur that has taken her passion and made a business work! I’m so glad I was able to come and see her work, and proud to call her a friend!

Like what you see?! For more information, please check out Baby E’s Goods on their Facebook and Etsy pages:

Baby E’s Goods – Facebook

Baby E’s Goods – Etsy

Amy Holloway


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