_MG_0551You know those people who seem to be so good at everything? The ones that can paint, and sew, and craft, and raise children, and have people skills, and are cool? I’m sure you can pictures someone in your mind right now as I describe that person. Well, one of the many people that I know that seem to be so incredibly talented and gifted in pretty much everything that they do is Elizabeth Webber.

Liz, as I like to call her, is a free spirit. She is absolutely gorgeous, has a firey heart, is incredibly crafty, and when she thinks about something that she wants to do, or is a good idea, she dives in head first. Liz is passionate and lovable, creative and sweet, a risk-taker and ferocious. Liz is a wonder-woman.

When I first met Matt and Liz, they had just moved into the area around the same time I did. I saw Liz and thought, she looks cool. I want to be friends with THAT lady. She and Matt had one daughter at the time, and Heather was just like her mom – a real firecracker.

_MG_0475Both Jeff and I were so lucky to become good friends with Matt and Liz while we lived in the Castor/Brownfield area.

After we moved, it certainly became more difficult to keep track of each other, but thankfully Jeff and I seem to be back there on a semi-regular basis. I’m so thankful to be able to keep up with Matt, Liz, and their (now) three children!



This past fall, I noticed on Liz’s Facebook page that she was now making wooly’s! Along with doing sewing alterations, painting, creating and designing garments, raising sheep, a donkey, cats, dogs and three children, she started making these BEAUTIFUL products out of wool. I quickly ordered a pair of these woolen slippers for my son, and once they arrived, they went straight on his baby feet. IMG_5573I LOVE them! The drawstring on the back is fantastic keeping them on his baby ankles, and they are incredibly warm. I’m planning on ordering a pair for myself to wear around the house next winter!

While I was out in Alberta, I had the privileged of being toured around Liz’s “she-shed” (if you haven’t heard of these, it’s the equivalent to a “man-cave”…seriously, go check it out on Pinterest. If it doesn’t blow your mind, I’m not sure what will!) which was SO incredibly amazing, and I left SO incredibly jealous 😉 So, of course, I quickly grabbed my camera and photographed her domain. Her and Matt had taken an old grainery, refurbished it, put in windows, in-floor heat, and insulation. Liz decorated and made it just a fantastic space. Seriously drool-worthy.


Later, she showed me the sheep that they sheer to get the wool to make these wonderful woolen goodies, and I was very curious to learn about sheep rearing. Turns out, I know basically nothing about sheep. Did you know that they tend to give birth to multiples? I found that fascinating!


Anyways, it was so neat to see my dear friend, learn about sheep and wool, and hearing about what she and Matt are up to next. Honestly, though, if you’re looking for dryer balls, or slippers, or a really awesome sweater, or a painting, or a canoe (yeah, seriously! Matt has a business making and repairing canoes!), give Liz a shout! Links are below!


That’s all for now! Go check out their pages! You won’t be disappointed!!

Webbers Wooly’s

Hay Barn Canoe Company

— Amy Holloway

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