Homeless and Hungry: In Our Backyard

By absolute happenstance, I stumbled across the Facebook page of a food truck that goes around my local city. Why is this significant? It gives away the meals for free. Freedom Kitchen parks at the Sackville Public Library every Monday night for anyone who is hungry, homeless or in need. Kick-started by a member of … Continue reading Homeless and Hungry: In Our Backyard

Pascalice’s Bistro // July 2018 //

I wouldn't call myself a foodie, but I do love to try new foods and flavours. When Pascal and Alice moved here and opened Pascalice's Bistro, my parents RAVED about it. Of course, I had to try it, and Jeff and I have since decided that it is one of our most favourite restaurants - EVER. Pascal … Continue reading Pascalice’s Bistro // July 2018 //