Finally! Spring seems to have arrived for good in Middleton, Nova Scotia! And let me tell you, that makes me very happy! My fingers have been itching to take some photographs, but due to fussy babies, busy friends, and the general rainy weather, it’s been a challenge to get out and enjoy spring in all its gloriousness!

So, today, while I snuggled my little boy in my newly re-decorated bedroom (I’m telling you, guys, I’m climbing the walls), I realized something: Finn is fairly content, my room looks awesome, and my camera is lonely! So I grabbed my Rebel, put my babe in a fresh and clean onesie (oh my word, who knew how messy babies get!) and started snapping. I hope you enjoy his sweet face as much as I do!


Also! A quick note! I received a beautiful baby carrier cover from my gorgeous friend out West a little bit ago! So I snapped a couple pictures of it on our carrier and it’s adorable! I was extremely impressed at the fabric and how it was so softy, and stretchy! And of course, the pattern! I highly recommend checking out her Facebook page: and order one for yourself or your friends!



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