Do you remember Kystina? Well, she has a lovely husband and two beautiful children. As you may recall, she is another local photographer, and has her own studio! She requested a PJ Photo Shoot with her lovely family just as school was about to kick off – and it was going to be in her studio! I don’t do a lot of studio work, but I was THRILLED to give it a try. Let me tell you, she has a great set up in there! It was incredibly easy to work with, lots of natural light, and enough space to move around, but not so much that you lose some of your clients!

Walmart Canada had these great PJ sets and Krystina had to get some for everyone. I actually bought a set for myself, Jeff and Finn around the spring time. They are so cute! The kids had a great time, lots of activity, pillow fights, and the puppies had to get in there, too.

I really enjoyed this session – what a great idea! It was fun, lighthearted, and natural: every thing I love!

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