I have been MIA on blogging these days, however that does not mean that the camera is gathering dust. I do love the end of the year (or in this case, the beginning of 2019) because it does give me a time to reflect.

This year was full of family sessions:

It was incredible to see and meet all of these people. Their smiles really told a story, and I loved watching them treasure these special moments. From 80th birthdays, to family moments on a farm with everyone, to special bonding times between siblings who had the pleasure of meeting for the first time in the hospital. 


This year was one filled with precious moments. Moments that were faced with courage, with joy, with the sense of urgency to capture them before they are gone.

I was blessed once again to have my cousin come and visit and bring his serge. He stood stoically on the cliffs of Prince Edward Island, holding the hand of my sweet boy in his own little uniform that Tayte brought him. It’s a precious photo that went all over the internet – showing the character and responsibility of a Mountie. I also had the privilege of photographing grandparents whose lives revolve around their sweet grandchildren. Their love for them is infectious, but it was the moments that I was able to see just Grandma’s beautiful face as she watched her grandchild playing, all the while not having a clue how beautiful she herself truly is. Photographing a lady before she lost her hair once again to another round of cancer treatments, all the while telling me during the session that she would be going soon to Ontario to run in the Terry Fox Run to raise even more awareness and money for curing cancer. 

This year brought many new opportunities for different kinds of photography! From weddings, to product photography, to head shots of up-and-coming authors, my year was filled with new experiences! 

It was an exciting year, to say the least! So many people celebrated so many milestones with photos, and I am so thankful that I was asked to be a part of it!


Here’s to one amazing 2019 full of new opportunities, more moments cherished and special memories captured by photograph! 

                                                                                                                     — Amy Holloway

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