What is that saying about rain and wedding? It brings good luck, from what I hear. If that’s the case, this couple is in for a heap of good fortune for the rest of their days!

Carrie and Glenn were married on the shores of the Bay of Fundy, in a tiny cottage, surrounded by family. Things never go as planned, of course. So instead of being married on the lawn, we all huddled inside a nautical-themed cottage owned by a friend of the groom’s.

The ceremony was quiet, intimate, and sweet. Carrie looked gorgeous, Glenn was bursting with pride, as the family stood around them on that rainy Saturday afternoon.


Everyone braved the weather and we took some group pictures outside before Carrie and Glenn walked the few hundred meters to  the Margaretsville lighthouse, which made a lovely backdrop for a few of their first photos as a married couple.

Congratulations, Glenn and Carrie, on tying the knot! Thank you for being such troopers in taking photos in the rain!

Amy Holloway


Special thank you  to Shannon Ubels for being a great assistant!



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