It’s one thing to photograph another photographer. It’s another thing to try to capture what another photographer has in mind for her shoot, that you KNOW she could do spectacularly herself if she were in your position. To say I was intimidated would be an understatement.

Krystina moved here from BC with her family back in April of this year. She had a booming photography business on the West Coast, and was excited to break into the East Coast market as soon as she arrived! They purchased a home, and she has just finished a gorgeous studio for her business. I had the pleasure of meeting her at the Middleton Farmer’s Market a couple of months ago, and immediately hit it off! So when I suggested we do a shoot for each other, and she was on board, I was over the moon!

She admitted to me right away that she was NOT impressed about turning 30. She rather liked her 20’s, thankyouverymuch. So, she decided that she would like to do a proper send off to 29, and begrudgingly welcome her 30’s – ideally with wine and in a graveyard. I struggled to wrap my mind around how to capture all of this, but according to her, we nailed it!

Krystina is a GORGEOUS woman with stunning eyes, voluptuous curves, and one heck of a smile. I didn’t realize until part way through our shoot that she was also incredibly nervous – she’s never on the other side of the camera! As I watched and photographed her on the hills of Fort Anne in Annapolis Royal, I couldn’t believe how she worked the camera, how she portrayed such confidence, and how every photo I took, she looked incredibly beautiful.

I think that 30 looks fantastic on you, Krystina! Thank you for trusting this task to me – I thoroughly enjoyed bringing your vision to life!


Amy Holloway


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