I wouldn’t call myself a foodie, but I do love to try new foods and flavours. When Pascal and Alice moved here and opened Pascalice’s Bistro, my parents RAVED about it. Of course, I had to try it, and Jeff and I have since decided that it is one of our most favourite restaurants – EVER.

Pascal is originally from Switzerland and his dishes are inspired by his homeland. He cooks, she serves, and this happenin’ little joint always seems to be bustling with people. I think the Jager Pork Schnitzel, with a side of Rosti, is one of the favourites.  They also recently made up a dish which includes pork ribs, frosted flakes, an Asian-style sauce, and, of course, a Rosti. I’m here to tell you, it’s AMAZING.

Freshness is taken to another level here. I didn’t realize when I went in to photograph, but Pascal has buckets of different herbs that he uses frequently, growing beside the restaurant. Of course, the buckets were painted in true Alice-fashion – colourful, bold and fantastic. I was blown away!

Pascal and Alice have traveled the world, and some of their favourite things are up on the wall of the bistro. There is a beautiful, hand-crafted cuckoo clock, whimsical art, a variety of colourful mugs, and framed prints. I love vibrant colours, and attention to detail that they have incorporated in their establishment.

To top it off, the service is fantastic. Because it is a small place (seats only 26 or so people), the service is prompt and attentive. Alice, or one of her family members, is there with a large smile and a friendly, yet professional, demeanor to ensure your experience is what it should be – nothing short of fantastic.

In the short time that Pascalice’s Bistro has been up and running, they have made a huge impact on the community. If you talk to anyone in the Annapolis Valley, they have either been there and LOVED it, or have heard nothing but good things about it, and are looking forward to eventually dropping by.

If you are in the Greenwood area, be sure to stop in, have a Rosti, and say hi to Pascal and Alice. They would love to hear from you! I promise you won’t be disappointed!


Amy Holloway


//This post was in no way endorsed by any business and the opinions and comments here are of the author! Basically, I wasn’t paid to say all these fantastic things – I really 100% mean them! Go check it out!//

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