Gijs and Nellie are a beautiful, typically Dutch couple with three beautiful children. I contacted Nellie before they flew out to Nova Scotia asking if they were interested in a family session. Nellie said they were, and so we waited for the right time to go out and capture some great shots of a gorgeous family in the Nova Scotia landscape. After a delicious lobster dinner at my parent’s (Sweis, my father, and Gijs are brothers) house, we headed out to get some “golden hour” photos.

I have a lot of fun memories of both Gijs and Nellie. One of my first memories of them was at their wedding, approximately 15 years ago. They had a fairy tale wedding in the Netherlands, where they live, complete with horse and carriage.  After so many years, they are still a beautiful and vibrant couple.

Move ahead a number of years, along came my cousins, Jaap, Martijn and Eliene! They are active and social children that love to see the world. The Ubels’ family travels quite often, and this was one of their stops on their way to Florida! Gijs and Nellie make their home in Leek, Netherlands where Gijs has a business in insurance (see the link for his website!) and Nellie volunteers a the local school.

I truly cannot wait to see this beautiful family again, hopefully in their home next time! Until next time,


Amy Holloway

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