You may remember Chris and Paula from the session that they gave to their friend, Joanne (you can find it here). She had a surprise birthday photo shoot where she had photos taken with her fur babies!

The Outhouse family were eager to have me come back and do a session with them and their dog, Belle. Like Joanne, they truly love their dog, and know she won’t be with them forever. So, while she is still up and active, they wanted to get some family pictures with their favourite of God’s creatures.

Belle was sweet, obedient, and very loved. She seemed very happy to have her picture taken and worked that camera. What a stinker.

Thank you for having me back, Chris and Paula. You are such a delightful couple, full of love and laughter, and I so appreciate you both.

Amy Holloway


//Your pets are part of your family, too! Talk to me about your photo session with your fur babies!//

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