This little guy had his first birthday on September 2nd! I know it cliche to say, but I cannot believe how fast he is growing! He’s becoming such a little boy – not a baby anymore! He has such an enormous smile, an adorable giggle, and a charismatic personality.

I decided to throw him a small birthday


party with some family, cake and a photo shoot.

So, I’m sure you’ve seen cake smash pictures, before! I thought to myself, well that’d adorable, and seeing as Finnegan loves sweet foods, I’m SURE he’d love to smash a cake and stuff his face.


I was wrong.


He was thrilled with sitting on the floor, being the center of attention, but when it came to that cake, it could leave, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

So, I was able to get some awesome pictures, but the cake smash itself was a bit of a dud.



Happy birthday, sweet, handsome boy.  You are so extremely loved!


Amy Holloway

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