August 16th, 2017 – a fabulous day! So many people were out and about enjoying the beautiful weather waiting for the tall ships to come in and say their farewell, and boy did the town of Annapolis Royal live up to the hype!

There was live music, cannons, soldiers, Halifax Pirates, dories, boat rides, food trucks, fireworks, and so, so much more!

Of course, having a small human attached to my hip these days means that we did not, in fact, stay for all of the events. But what we were there for, was entirely spectacular! My parents were kind enough to allow myself and Finn to tag along on their date. Mom has been working this summer on “perfecting the art of the picnic”, and I had the pleasure of enjoying the perfect picnic with her and Dad. It was wonderful! Everything from fried chicken, pasta salad, and blackberry lemonade – all homemade! We thoroughly enjoyed it while watching the tall ships sail into the harbour, show their pretty selves off, and head back out again!

One of my absolute FAVOURITE parts of the day, though, was when an acquaintance of mine, Dan Frose, a wonderful photographer in Annapolis Royal, was dashing past me with a couple of his daughters shouting gleefully that he was about to hop on a zoomy sort of boat (I really don’t know what it’s called) to go and take some photos of the Bluenose II before everyone else could get a peek. I was allowed on the boat as well, and within 5 minutes, we were all the way out there, getting a close up view of the iconic ship!

It was like nothing I had ever seen! What fun!

And of course, my other favourite part of the day was spending some quality time with these lovely goons. Mom, Dad – you guys are amazing! Finn, you are such a joy.

If any of you ever have the chance of being able to visit Annapolis Royal, you absolutely should. It is one of mine and Jeff’s favourite places in Nova Scotia! So many amazing things to see and do!

                                                                                                              — Amy Holloway

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