Ashley and Bronson.


What a fun couple! It was such a good time – they are so much in love. You can see it plain as day.

And their two dogs, Buddy and Duke. What a couple of young, gangly, huge dogs! They were so fun, and so energetic! But I have to say, though I was pretty nervous about trying to get these dogs to look at me, they did really well.  They loooooved the camera. And when I brought the treats out – OH MY GOODNESS.

I was their new best friend.

Except not really.

Because Duke is such a little sucker for Ashley. He loves her ALMOST as much as Bronson does.


And Buddy, well, Buddy seems to be pretty content with following his little herd around.

Anyways, all in all, it was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon in Bridgetown with some fantastic people and their fur-babies.

Thanks SO much, Ashley, for asking me to do these! I so hope you love them as much as I do!


 — Amy Holloway

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