Once again, I seem to be a bit behind on posting my more recent sessions on the blog – sorry!


This blog post is all about a group of septuagenarians that decided to celebrate their birthday’s – together – with a crazy turkey cook-off! Four (yes, you did read that right) large birds were cooked – two were deep fried, and two were cooked in garbage cans (and yes, you also read THAT right)! A couple of hours later, the taste-testing began and guests were to vote for their favourite turkey.

Needless to say, I have never experienced a party quite like this before. So, when Judi asked me to attend as the photographer, I was honored and intrigued. And I’m here to tell you, it was as spectacular as it sounded!

We took some time to do a few family photos of the Marshall Family, as well as a couple of just Eric and Judi, of course. What a fun group of people!

The group of septuagenarians all wore their turkey hats, everyone enjoyed snacks and drinks while the turkeys cooked, and of course, in true Nova Scotian fashion, games of washer toss were played throughout the party. I was able to meet people from across the country, different family members of the Eric and Judi Marshall family, and the golfing group that meets weekly in the summer. The dinner was finished off with an enormous and delicious carrot cake made by Classy Custom Cakes by Nicole Hubley.

So, which turkey was the winner? Well, in my personal opinion, I enjoyed watching the garbage can turkeys cook…

…but I LOVED the moist and tender meat of the deep fried turkey!

All in all, I believe a great time was had by all! I cannot wait for the next crazy party the Marshall family hosts – there’s never a dull moment!


Amy Holloway


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