Joanne has some pretty fantastic friends.


With her birthday approaching (it was a big one!), Paula and Chris decided that what Joanne really needed for her birthday was a surprise photo shoot with her favourites – her dogs! When she arrived at her friends’ home, she had no idea what was coming! And boy, did Paula have her pegged! Just as Joanne was about to round the corner into the living room, where I was waiting to greet her with my camera, Paula whispers to me,

“She’s going to be flustered, and pat her hair, and say, ‘YOU GUYS! But, my hair! It’s just a mess!'” Paula was practically bursting with laughter when sure enough, “MY HAIR!” was one of the first things out of Joanne’s mouth!

This session was special because Joanne really loves her dogs. She has a lovely older companion who is quite the snuggle bug, and then a large, springy, 4-year-old pooch that REALLY loves to play. With anything. Including play-dough, apparently. Joanne has a spunky spirit that really came through in this shoot. She has sparkling eyes, a gorgeous smile, and a witty sense of humour that had us all in stitches!

Well done, Chris and Paula. I think that this one of those gifts that will keep on giving!


Amy Holloway


//Think that Chris and Paula were onto something? I love being able to surprise someone with you! Gift certificates are also available! Head on over to the contact page to give me a shout!//

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