If you’ve just hired your own photographer to come in and photograph your personal brand, you’re going to need a shot list. As a brand owner, it’s incredibly important that you have a well thought out shot list that you can send to your photographer before the session. This will ensure that both of you have clear expectations (which I believe is the #1 way to ensure success in whatever you’re doing) of what you’re wanting to achieve from the session.

As a photographer, I so appreciate it when my clients have even a basic shot list of what they are looking for so that I know what they are wanting from me. It also helps get my “juices flowing”, and to come up with (and create) some unique photos for each individual client. If my client doesn’t have a clear idea of what he or she is looking for, I have a basic list of shots that I start out with, and then see where the session takes us. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the

Incomplete Shot List for A Personal Branding Photography Session

  • Your face. Request photos of a photo of your shoulders and up, torso and up, and full body.
  • Where you’re looking away from the camera
  • A variety of facial expressions (with and without negative space)
  • Top down photos (with you working, looking at your phone, etc)
  • Working on your computer (this can be with a website, email, editing imagery, etc)
  • Taking a phone call (especially if you do a lot of calling or are available for phone calls)
  • Texting or working on your phone (side view, front view)
  • A multitasking image (checking your phone while writing something down, for example)
  • A photo of you with your favourite drink (does your audience know you love wine/coffee/tea/water?)
  • You in your workspace
  • JUST your workspace
  • A close up of your hands (working, holding a cup, drawing, writing, typing, etc)
  • Brand feature/business card in focus with you behind slightly out of focus
  • A finished product or closing a project.
  • A photo of you doing a work-in-progress
  • An unfinished workspace (Are you an artist? A work in progress! Setting up a display in your store? The process of that!)
  • If you offer a product of some sort, have a photo of the packaging/packaging process (these are great to share on social media of “delivery day”)
  • Meeting with a client, whether that’s in-person or via online video conference.
  • Talking with your hands (a great shot to take especially if you pitch to clients, or like to talk with your hands normally! It creates some movement in your photos!)
  • Casually lounging
  • EXCITED pose! Use some excited balloons (like the ones that say YAY) or throw your hands in the air!
  • Sitting in an armchair/desk chair, stool, workout bench.
  • Surround yourself with your different “hats”. Are you an engineer AND an artist, like Holly from Ambicerebral? Let’s showcase both!
  • Chatting with your partner/coworker/staff member.
  • Team photo!
  • Posing with negative space to feature a “call to action” (great opportunity to point, hold out your hands in an “offer” position, or even just look towards the space with your arms folded!)
  • Power pose! Cross your arms and look fierce, or be in mid bench press (let’s see those muscles). Whatever makes you feel (and look) strong and confident!
  • Have something in your hands. Pens, dumbells, your cat, camera, etc.
  • Walking (either to the camera, or away)
  • Laughing photo – both looking at the camera and away from.
  • Changing up your location. Do you spend time in your car? At another office? Sitting on the floor? Laying on your bed? Hanging out on the couch? Let’s change up the spot!
  • Selfie!
A collab photo of the beautiful Krystina from Krystina Marie Photography + Design
  • Feature your proudest moment. Do you have a piece of work that you’re particularly proud of? A project you finished that succeeded?
  • With something personal! Bring a prop of something from your personal life – people want to feel like they know you personally.
  • Books & resources that you’re reading
  • Related to above: read a book/work through a workbook, or show your current continued learning
  • A personalized flat lay of your space

Obviously, not all photos are needed for every brand, or for every personal branding session! In fact, each brand is going to have a different feel, different theme, and ultimately, different pictures, even if the basic concepts are the same. That’s because your brand is different, and it’s important that it stands out from the crowd the way that it should!

What’s a “must have” shot on your shot list?

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