What is branding photography?

Photo taken for Cape & Cowl – a comic book shop located in Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia

This question is asked a lot, and it’s a great question! Essentially, branding photography is exactly what it sounds like: it’s photographing a brand. As many business owners, influencers, and entrepreneurs will tell you, your brand is what will set you apart from your competition. It is your identity as a business/person.

So, branding photography is capturing the identity of the subject.

Branding photography is more than product images. It includes photographs of workers, the process of creating the brand, interactions with customers, the behind-the-scenes, product imagery, the workspace, detail shots, and so much more. Having a wide array of images helps in more than just on a restaurant menu, too! It can enhance your online presence by showcasing what you do and why you do it in a professional and appealing manner. It’s been suggested that the average adult in 2020 now has the attention span of 8 seconds. That gives you 8 seconds (or less) to convey your brand, and what better way to do that than through imagery?

Think that this may be your next step in your marketing strategy? Give me a shout. I’d love to discuss what your needs are, and to work with you to create the brand awareness you want!

— Amy Holloway

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