One of the best parts about being a family photographer is seeing families come back year after year. It is a great feeling to realize that you have been entrusted to document their progress, their big moments, their stage of life.

What better way to describe what I’m talking about than with an example!

Jayden + Rebekah moved to Nova Scotia from Alberta a couple of years ago while Jayden does his residency. While we had many opportunities to have crossed paths in our lives prior to 2018, we had never met. Through a hilarious series of events (really, if you want to know, send me a message. I’d happily tell you all about it over a coffee), Rebekah and I connected when they came out to secure a rental just prior to making the big move.

Since that wonderful May in 2018, our families have shared a heap of special moments, and I have been thrilled/honoured/pleased/tickled to document some of said moments.

From family reunions…

Followed by BIG news…

And documenting the growth.

And then, perhaps, the most special of shoots, the intimate in-home family session with the brand new Cyrus Jeremiah Dyck.

It has been (and still is) amazing, inspiring, and joy-bringing to watch this sweet & spunky couple turn into a beautiful little family, and I truly feel blessed to know them.

Documenting these big moments is something special. It gives you, the subject, memories to last a lifetime, and a chance to see yourself interact and love on your family and friends. For me as a photographer, it truly is an honour to be invited into these moments, to be given the chance to photograph the raw and unfiltered, and to be trusted to capture the real YOU.

Looking to have your special events, your every-day life, your big news documented? You know how to get ahold of me. Just head on up to the Contact Page and I’d LOVE to hear from you.

Until then, I’m going to be over here, staring at Cyrus’s adorable face, and dreaming of his sweet snuggles.

Amy Holloway

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