Isn’t she gorgeous?


Darcy and Terah moved to the Annapolis Valley a few years ago, but I only have had the pleasure of knowing them since last summer. When my friend, Eva Borek from Baby E’s Goods in Alberta showed me her latest creation, a maternity gown specifically made for a photo shoot, I HAD to jump on board.

Terah was immediately THRILLED with the idea of a maternity shoot, and though Darcy was initially hesitant, I think he also is ridiculously thrilled with the outcome.

This glowing (and growing!) mama was incredibly brave and easy-going. I said, “hey let’s get you to climb into a creek!” and she just grins and says, “yeah! That’s a great idea!” So barefoot, 35+ weeks pregnant, and fighting the mosquitoes and the current, she gracefully climbs in there, and poses for me. Can you ask for a better subject??? I DO NOT THINK SO!

Terah, Darcy, I am so excited for you both, and I cannot wait to meet little Luke and take his pictures in a month’s time! You are both already such fantastic parents – this kid doesn’t stand a chance but to be awesome 😉


Amy Holloway

{A very special thank you to Baby E’s Goods for the GORGEOUS gown! Give Eva a shout for all your baby/nursing/maternity needs!}

// Wanting to capture your growing family through photography? Contact me today! //

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