This last month has been absolutely crazy with sessions, and I am so incredibly behind on updating my blog with the latest pictures, but I promise I’m getting to it!


But first, I need to take a tiny little time-out to wish my biggest cheerleader and the love of my life, Jeff, a super birthday!

As Jeff likes to say, he found out his wife was insane after it was too late – we were married. But in all honesty, I really am a little nuts. I love that Jeff puts up with my schemes and is usually a pretty decent sounding board for my ideas. He will very honestly tell me that he thinks I could do it, but……. and then proceed to list off every possible scenario as to why it might NOT be the best idea ever. I then proceed to become very annoyed (because he’s raining on my idea-parade) and within a couple of days, having simmered down a little bit, realize that he is actually very correct, and I really should take these different angles into consideration BEFORE purchasing 14 miniature donkeys with the intention of breeding them (all the while having NO clue how to raise a donkey).

Jeff is the picture of “look before you leap”, and second-guessing is his middle name. However, when he figures this is something he needs/wants to do, he WILL do it. No. Matter. What. I love his determination and stubbornness when it comes to finishing what he has started. Jeff has the sweetest heart. He is comforting, loving, and incredibly compassionate towards anything with a heartbeat. I have never met anyone who can work with cows with as much patience as Jeff. Kids adore him, women think he’s hot (I mean, look at him…he really is!), dogs lay at his feet, and the most ornery cat will curl up on his lap while he eats his supper.

I am blessed to have Jeff as my husband, and I want to wish him a HAPPY HAPPY 28th birthday. I love ya, babe!

                                                                                                                            — Amy Holloway

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