_MG_8912Only a few days before Mother’s Day did I post a contest up on my Facebook page inviting people to enter to win a free photo session! The winner was Carolina Parker from down past Yarmouth! When she found out she had won, she contacted me right away, and informed me that she and her family were actually coming up through the Valley in a couple of weeks!


Fast forward to this past Wednesday. I met Jason and Carolina in Wolfville at one of my favourite places – the KC Irving Center. There is a BEAUTIFUL garden behind it, and we had the most amazing lighting from the cloud-covered skies while we wandered through the grounds.

Just as we were about to finish up the session, a strong windstorm picked up and the clouds looked like they were about to burst, so we all rushed off to our cars and called it a day.

But my goodness…the photos! They turned out amazing. Miss Charlotte was adorable and loving, and Miss Gracie (only 4 weeks new!) was so content and very nonchalant about her sister trying to climb on top of her.

And of course, Carolina and Jason. Those two. It’s very apparent their love for each other and for their Lord. They just shined when they looked at each other. A couple days after the shoot, I found out that it was their 5th wedding anniversary! What a beautiful family they have created in just 5 years!

As you can see, it really was a fantastic shoot. The Parker Family were gorgeous models, the weather held out just long enough, and the location was perfect. What more can a photographer ask for?!


Amy Holloway

// Thinking about updating your family photos? I love doing lifestyle sessions (read: natural and in your element) with families and couples! Give me a holler if you’d like some more information! //


  1. Amy, you captured this family magnificiently. We have the privilege to have them in our church and what you captured is exactly who they are. Kind, amazing, awesome in every way. Thank you for blessing them with these amazing memories they can cherish a lifetime. Beautiful work! Shelley

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