Have you ever participated in a murder mystery party? I’ve been a part of a few now, and not everyone loves them as much as I do. However, when you get a crowd of people together who are on the same page when it comes to participation, oh my goodness. A hoot is to be had!


As I mentioned in a previous blog post, my mother recently celebrated a birthday. We celebrated by having a Murder Mystery Party. Theme: 80’s High School Reunion. Why we all were supposed to dress up as if we were still stuck in the ’80’s, well, I’m assuming it’s because we are all a little hung up on the past.


It was such a fun night. Everyone who was there showed up in character AND costume. There was tasty treats, bottled pop, and of course, a “photo booth” area complete with props. My mom, Caroline, mentioned to me later that it was the best birthday party she ever had. So, I’m counting that as a win.


It really was a great party. I believe it was enjoyed by all, and I think each and every one of those guests are going to think twice before accepting an invitation to a birthday party from yours truly again!


Oh, and this is the favourite photo of the night! To explain: Cindy, mourning the sudden loss of her meal ticket, Steve. And then there is Joe, really hating Steve, and so decided to post-mortem body slam him to exact his revenge. Oh, enjoy.


Once again, happy birthday, Mom! We rock 😉


Amy Holloway

// Looking to spice up your party? Why not add a photo booth? Head on over to my contact page and give me a shout to talk about how we can make yours the party of the year! //


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