The local church that I attend has been recently updating their picture directory. The pastor, Sweis Ubels, asked if I would be interested in doing the photography for it! Of course, I’m always excited about taking photos of beautiful people, but to give it to my church was something that I was over the moon about. Here is just a little glimpse of some of the many amazing people that attend Emmanuel Congregational Church in Middleton NS.

Along with these photos, I had also been asked to take photos of the church building, in an effort to put together a bit of a montage. This way, if new-comers were looking at attending the church, they could take a peek of what it looks like online. The thought being that people would feel more comfortable and familiar before even walking through the doors! If you look closely, in several of the photos, you will see my son, Finnegan, and his big, blonde head poking around the corner.

I’d love to hear your feedback! Do you think that seeing what the church building looks like before deciding to walk through the doors would make you feel more comfortable and at ease with attending for the first time?

That’s all for now, folks!

Amy Holloway

// Think that having your building/business photographed is a great idea and a fantastic way to market? Think your church or business could really use a photo directory? Give me a shout! I love to provide professional quality photos at a rate that is appealing to everyone! //

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