So, I realized it had been a while since I had posted here. I have been doing photography, however most of it has been for contract work through Photos Unlimited (check them out through your nearest Walmart!).

More recently, however, I had the absolute privilege to photograph a wonderful woman here in Middleton for a magazine called mosaic- a publication done several times a year through Canadian Baptist Ministries. I absolutely CANNOT wait to share those photographs with you all when the publication comes out. Muriel was such a pleasure to photograph. Her 86-year-old self was full of spunk, encouragement, and curiosity. I so enjoyed my time with her, and I am so excited to see how CBM  was able to capture her essence in their article.

For this post, I thought I’d share some of my favourite photos from 2017. It’s been a crazy year! I still have a hard time believing that one year ago, this was all still a dream floating around in my head.

One of my first sessions was a Mother’s Day Give Away, and a local gal, Janet, won that session.

I had the pleasure of doing a couple promotional photos this past year, too! Everything from puppies to car seat covers!

There was one family session at a wedding,

A large extended family session in Wolfville,


an attempted cake smash (thanks for being scared of the cake, Finn :D) ,

family sessions, family sessions, some more family sessions (I really love doing these!),

the Bon Voyage” to the tall ships,

cap and gown sessions,

the documentation of quality time spent with family,

did I mention that I got to take pictures of puppies??

Of course, we had some Christmas sessions, as well…

Capturing the different seasons and views of our beautiful province, Nova Scotia,

and of course, pictures of my sweet Finn.



As you can see, it’s been quite the year! I was looking back over all that has happened this year with my dad, and it blows my mind how busy, fruitful and joyous it’s been. I’ve so enjoyed taking this step into photography, for meeting all of you, for capturing your families, special moments, events, expressions, for being able to provide stills of these moments in our year to remember all that has happened! I’ve been blown away by the support, the encouragement, and the business from all of you. I cannot wait to see what next year brings!

So from my family to yours, merry, merry Christmas!



— Amy Holloway

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