My very handsome cousin came for a whirl-wind visit from Saskatchewan to Nova Scotia! We so enjoyed having him here, getting to know each other as adults (rather than toddlers picking our noses), and showing him around.

Tayte is a member of the RCMP and I’ve always had a healthy fear for police, but after hearing the stories he shared with me, I now have enormous respect for them as well.  I cannot imagine living through even one of the situations that he has had to be a first responder to, and yet he has seen so many things in his short 22 years of life. I have enormous respect for him as a person – he has a huge heart, a courageous spirit, and a fierce need and desire to protect the ones he loves.



Tayte told me before he came that he was excited to hang out with Finn, his second-cousin. Finn fell in love with his “uncle Tayte” and was pretty excited to tour around the province with him. Tayte brought his uniform partially to dress Finn up in the hat and coat. It was pretty adorable!



We had such a great visit. He flies back to Saskatchewan tomorrow, and I’m already missing him and his dry sense of humour!

Cannot wait for you to come back and visit! Thank you SO much for the opportunity to photograph you, my kid in your uniform, and for sharing your stories. You should always know you have family with us!


That’s all for now! Please let me know what you think in the comment section! I love to read your thoughts!

— Amy Holloway

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