This summer just keeps getting better! We have had been having a lot going on, between work, work, work, church, work, well, you get the picture. So when my mother-in-law, Karen, gave us call saying that she and Les were driving out to come and see us for a few days! As you may know, Les and Karen are the owners of a large farm out in Alberta, and with that comes a lot of responsibility in keeping things running smoothly. But Anthony, my brother-in-law, and Eric, our friend, both of whom are now partners in the farm, said to Les, “HEY! We got this, man, so take off, eh!” Okay…that may not have been EXACTLY how it happened, but the fact that Les did take some time off, packed up the truck, and he and Karen drove across Canada in 50 hours straight DID happen!

We were THRILLED to be able to have them here for 3 full days! Jeff took his dad to work with him a couple times, he took his parents and Finn to Annapolis Royal, Port George, and to the concept house at his school. We all trekked out to Lunenburg and Mahone Bay, as well, and they LOVED it!


On Saturday, Jeff had to work, so I took Karen, Les and Finnboy out to a couple of my favourite places! We went to Hall’s Harbour, the Lookoff (a fantastic view of the Annapolis Valley), and Fox Hill Cheese House, where we enjoyed some gelato and cheese samples – oh and some awesome conversation with some great friends, Pat and Meg!

We had such a great time together! I am SO glad they came out, and we had the chance to spend some time together, as well as show them the beautiful province where we currently live!

— Amy Holloway

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