I had the pleasure of attending “Daughters of the King” women’s conference at Emmanuel Congregational Christian Church this weekend.  It was truly inspiring to see how many women in our community are seeking a deeper relationship with God.

I don’t typically like seeing myself as someone who is moved emotionally very easily, but for those who know me, I believe that I actually really am.  Watching other women so absorbed into personal worship of God, being so vulnerable in front of everyone, and so openly needing and desiring the Lord, it moved me. I took pictures of some of these women in the midst of their worship, and I, more than once, left the room in a great hurry, collapsed against that wall, and sobbed.

The speakers were amazing, Carol Fraser, Noel Cooper, and Caroline Ubels.  They all had something unique and powerful that they brought to the table. I particularly enjoyed the hands-on workshop that Caroline provided, learning how to practically grow and develop in my own personal walk with the Lord.


Thank you so much to the people who put this event on, who volunteered, and all who came! Amazing God!

–Amy Holloway

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